With over 90% of people finding products and services through search engines, achieving (and maintaining) first page positions for your website is essential if you want to capitalise on this huge amount of traffic and establish your brand on the web. Also, As long as you choose the right keywords for your campaign, you can rest assured that you’re targeting a relevant audience that is going to respond to your marketing tactics.

Our SEO services incorporate a range of elements to promote your website.

Initial SEO assessment and appraisal
At the start of an SEO campaign with Lightbox Interactive Design, our SEO team will assess your website to highlight areas for improvement, benchmark positive attributes and assess SEO keywords. This is documented in an initial report which details our recommended search engine optimisation strategy and highlights some of the more complex issues that will need addressing as part of an ongoing maintenance campaign.

SEO Services to help Drive Traffic to your Website

Jump-start your journey to online success with our SEO services in Australia. Boost your website visibility and stay one-step ahead of the competition.

SEO development
If required, we can make the on-site adjustments recommended in the initial assessment for you, in order to ensure that the site’s foundation is search engine friendly. If we can’t have access to the site files we will produce best practice advice and instructions detailing the required changes so your own development team can action them themselves.

SEO maintenance
SEO maintenance makes up the bulk of the activity on any SEO account. Search engines are constantly changing their rules to improve the accuracy of their searches. This means we have to work hard to maintain the best possible search engine ranking for your website. To maintain momentum, we monitor search engine activity, perform ongoing tests and constantly trial new techniques.

Current techniques for improving your SEO include:

  • Ensuring all non-HTML content is repeated as on-page content so it can be indexed by search engines
  • Editing the view state of page to ensure search engine spiders can crawl through with ease
  • Erasing duplicate pages, repetitive text and editing lengthy or non-uniform URLs
  • Link building to increase the number of back links or inbound links
  • Ensuring onsite content is fresh, keyword rich and engaging

Choosing the right SEO agency for your project is difficult at the best of times, but our services are different in that we really care about the success of your business. We’ve achieved fantastic first-page results a lot of business throughout Australia, many of whom will be happy to vouch for us.

Lightbox Interactive Design will bring a fresh perspective to your marketing approach and oversee the entire search engine optimisation campaign from start to finish, pushing boundaries and suggesting new strategies as we work towards achieving YOUR objectives – not ours.

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