Websites are a necessity to compete in today’s business landscape. We offer a few different types of web design services, including templates, semi-custom, and fully custom websites. We build most of our websites on WordPress, the web’s most popular content management system and all our websites are built to be responsive, meaning they work on any desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

You’ll notice that we only list pricing ranges and not set pricing for reach offering. Each of our web design projects varies greatly and depends on your budget, goals, and time frame. If you’re unsure of what you want, we can help you choose the right option that falls within your budget.



Lightbox Interactive Design applies a six step framework to every development project. This allows us to break down projects into distinct phases so that we can monitor progression and results along the way.


Every project begins in the planning phase. In this phase, we will work with you to discover your needs, wants, and true objectives so can plan a complete project up front, avoiding costly delays and unforeseen challenges later on.

In this phase, we will create mock ups and prototypes based on information gathered during the previous phase to show you a visual representation your needs early on in the project. This will allow us the opportunity to further solidify your requirements and discover any additional needs or challenges that did not present themselves in the planning phase.

In this phase, we will begin development based on the technical and design specifications laid out in the planning phase and will perform regular functional tests so we can correct any problems during the development process rather than addressing them after project completion.

We perform thorough testing on all sites prior to final launch. To ensure that your website is functioning properly, we will simulate heavy stress to measure performance and test various browsers, operating systems, and devices with the site to be sure that it is responsive and performs well across all platforms. We will also train your staff so that they will be able to make minor adjustments or publish new content once your site is live.

The final launch of your website can be stressful. Even with thorough testing throughout development, unforeseen challenges can arise. That’s why the Lightbox Interactive Design development team provides full monitoring and support during the launch to make sure that your launch is successful and are ready to quickly address any issues that may arise.

Once we successfully launch your website, you will still require a technical partner to support ongoing needs. To provide you the additional support you need, we offer a wide variety of support services for our completed projects, including monitoring and optimisation.


Template websites are best suited for businesses that have a smaller budget and are willing to adhere to the limitations of a template. Our platform of choice is WordPress and there are thousands (if not millions) of different WordPress templates available. Our team will select a professional template to present to you based on our knowledge of your goals, number of pages, etc.

Templates offer many customisation options (such as colour choice, logo, photos, etc.), but there are pros and cons to templates that we’ll make sure you’re aware of before beginning. Template websites from Lightbox Interactive Design typically start around $1,000 and the final pricing will depend on the number of hours we’ll need to complete your project.


Custom websites are for medium-large sized businesses that have a sizeable budget for a new website and that want full control over the look/feel. Once a client has been on-boarded, our team meets internally to start planning a sitemap, wire frames, and design direction. We then go through each step, presenting everything from initial concepts to structural planning to the final design. Our team will walk you through each phase until the final project is launched to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Custom websites from Lightbox Interactive Design typically start around $9,500 and final pricing will ultimately depend upon the number of hours we’ll need to complete your project.


We love building new websites, but if you come to us with an existing website, we’re willing to work with that, too. We’ll review your existing website design, your code, and your overall goals to make design change recommendations and implement those. Website redesigns vary greatly in pricing and depend on the existing framework.


The above offerings encompass most of the types of web design services we offer, and we also can work with you to include special functionality. This includes adding plugins that support your website’s functionality, like event calendars, booking systems, shopping carts and more. You tell us what you would like your website to do and we can build it into your budget.

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